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Europe could never forget the holocaust in WWII, innumerable people were starved and murdered, yet it was not the end of the darkest human history. China is continuously threatening the minority, Tibetan and Uyghurs are suffering from the dictatorship regime for over 60 years. The world is now awakening from the China dream. In October almost 40 countries expressed “Grave concern” in the United Nations, condemning China’s abuse of human rights.
We missed the time when Tibet was suppressed by the CCP in 1959, as well as the moment when East Turkestan was oppressed in 1989. We can’t stay ignorant and overlook this opportunity to save Hong Kong right now, to free the people from Tibet and East Turkestan, and to keep our eyes on Taiwan and Inner Mongolia.


Right in the heart of Prague you can encounter and experience Tibetan culture. We are a multicultural space open to everyone interested in Tibetan history, tradition, art, philosophy and religion.

Since 2017, Geshe Yeshi Gawa has served as the Resident Lama of Tibet Open House. Here at the Tibet Open House we aim to promote and preserve Tibetan culture through Dharma, Education, Ecology, Culture and Community.


Badiucao is a Chinese political cartoonist, artist and human rights activist based in Australia. He is regarded as one of China’s most prolific and well-known political cartoonists. He adopted his pen-name to protect his identity. He is now being pursued by China and remains in exile.

Chungpo Tsering was born in Dhingri, Tibet in 1979, later living in India, Korea, and Nepal before receiving political asylum in the United States. An early participant in the movement of Tibetan contemporary art in Nepal, he was the subject of a solo exhibition titled Charcoal Paintings at the Indigo Gallery in Kathmandu in 2001. Chungpo Tsering’s work blends political and cultural themes to visualize the political oppression of his homeland and national identity. By incorporating elements such as Tibetan script, Tsering’s abstract paintings evoke a sense of collage, and trace the artist’s emotional perspective on what it means to be Tibetan in the current political climate and without any geographical permanence. exile.  

Ingrid Wong was born in Hong Kong and now based in Prague. She is sculpturer and intermedia artist. Presently studies her master degree in Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze (Prague, Czech Republic). Ingrid’s artwork is currently based on the conflict relationship between that conceptual art and the public spectators. Mainly focus on revealing the confrontational and problematic structure of the institutional art and the art market leading trends behind the usual scenery, she used her background of her past working experience in art industry as an art labour for building her artwork concept, instead of the identity of being an artist. Few years ago, she also works on the new direction in political art because of her personal feeling got impact from her birthplace— Hong Kong, a drastically changes in the current situation. As a 90s young adult, she is experiencing the consequences after the Hong Kong handover to China, and witnessing the complex of how the discrepancy of information gave by the Hong Kong propaganda after she studied in Taiwan.

Jiří Sozanský was born in the Czech Republic, he is one of those artists whose work immediately resonates with the pulse of the time in which they live. He entered the Czech art scene in the mid-1970s, during the peak of normalization and creative disaffection. and an ideological dictate that trampled on human rights and human dignity. He is known as a non-conformist artist and a man of strong opinions and attitudes, expressing himself through extensive multimedia projects tied to a specific place. His activities in unusual places and spaces revived the subdued art scene of the 1970s. His actions spoke to the conscience of a normalizing” society, even at the expense of considerable personal risk.  

Wai Ting Loretta Lau was born and raised in Hong Kong. In 2018, she moved to Prague to engage in advanced study in UMPRUM, works on inter-media, performance, and contemporary painting. In the meanwhile, Hong Kong people are losing their welfare, freedom, and personal safety rapidly. This influenced her first performance on 4th June 2019 entitled “Letter to my people” in DOX – Centre For Contemporary Art. On 10th October 2019, she presented a public art performance – ‘Memory Eraser’ in the National Theater in Prague. In 2020 summer, she has her solo exhibition ‘Confession’ in the gallery of the Czech National Library of Technology with an online performance that interviewed over 167 guests all over the world. Her works are searching the boundaries between political and personal identities, which are now exhibiting throughout Europe and being collected by auction house Fabiani Arte in Italy.

Peter Mammes drawing is the beautiful language that I use to express my thoughts. I like to be meticulous with my drawings and subject matter. I make my drawings using a physical paintbrush. I do a lot of research when starting a project or new drawing. I get my subject matter in museums, archives and on my travels around the world.My main interest is in translating complex ideas into simple drawings. I am currently focused on historical narratives that intersect with current society and I use historical imagery to highlight current political ideas.


Juan David Cevallos was born in Ecuador and based in Prague. Collaborate in Ecuador as a STR photographer for 7 years (2010 – 2017) with the France- Presse Agency, the oldest news agency in the world and one of the largest, which locats in 110 countries. Juan had 10 years (2010 – 2017) experience as head of photography department at a local press agency in based in Quito, Agencia Prensa Independiente (API) Photographing and coordinating the needs of the clients of the agency, managed the agenda of photographic coverage and also a group of 8 photographers throughout Ecuador. Professional in documentary photography, sports, entertainment events, concerts, and fashion.


Jakub Zajíček as born in the Czech Republic. He is a filmmaker, intermedia artist and curator. He started his career with music video production and from 2016 developed a connection between film and contemporary art with his first short movie entitled ‘From Here to Eternity’. He worked with the Korean National Television KBS in producing a documentary about the transformation of the Czech Republic from a communist to a democratic society. In 2018 he started to work on first intermedia projects with international artists and shortly after that founded art collective. From 2019 he cooperated on more than 20 projects with Hong Kong artist Wai Ting Loretta Lau, including exhibitions and performances in DOX – Centre For Contemporary Art, National Theatre and NTK gallery. During the global pandemic, he worked with Loretta on Confession Of Isolation days 19 project. This online performance and documentary were depicting feelings and ideas of 167 people all around the world.

sonic artist

Barry Wan is a diverse musician, composer, sonic artist and guitarist from Hong Kong, based in Czech Republic Barry Wan’s music has been performed in USA, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Belarus, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He awarded and featured in different international festivals and competitions such FORO 2012 and 2013 in Mexico City, finalist at SIME 2015 in Lille, France and First prize at Musica Nova 2018. Currently he is completing the Ph.D. degree at Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic.

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